Štítky: bunda gore tex, spp taktika, materskej blúzky a topy pre tehotné, klobúk muž, fanúšik klobúk, tábor klobúk, sherlock hunter hat, more, slnko klobúk, muži treking, volcom spp mužov.

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Špecifikácia: Materiál:Nylon


Obvodu hlavy:55-62 cm

Štýl:Rybolov Spp



Vzor, Typ:Pevné

Športové Typ:Rybolov Zabalený zahŕňa: 1 x rybárske spp

  • Materiál: Polyester
  • Funkcia 1: Slnečník
  • Vzor Typ: Pevné
  • Funkcia: Ochrana pred UV žiarením
  • Typ športy: Turistika Klobúk Spp
  • Druh: Rybolov spp
  • Číslo Modelu: kempovanie, rybárske slnko klobúk
  • Typ 2: Turistiku, Camping Klobúk
  • Pôvod: CN(Pôvodu)
  • Typ 3: Beží spp
  • Pohlavie: MUŽI

Nastik 96 09
Excellent article. very practical to go for a walk ..
Excellent article. very practical to go for a walk ..
Anton Budkov
This is my first purchase from this store. After this order was placed I've discovered that from this store was 2 coupons that I can use it for buying with discount but I didn't used for my purchase. I have wrote to the seller if I can add another item to use those coupons. His answer told that the package was already shipped so if I want another hat I have to pace another order and he will make a good price for me using discounts. So after approximately one week I've placed another order and seller keeps the promises. The second package arrived few days ago with special delivery from door to door service. The first package arrived after the second package and I have to pay an extra small fee to Postal Office services. Regarding the hats I can say that all have an unique size fitted both for men and women. Material and execution made for hats providing a good quality with vividly bright colours, each hat have attached inside 1small plastic bag containing the coverage for face and neck.
no removable shawl,it was only the hat.

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